Repair Shop

We have a state of the art bicycle repair shop staffed with talented technicians. From full build ups to adjusting that pesky rear  derailleur, we are here to assist you.

Tune ups:
$50 + parts. Includes cleaning/ wheel truing/ Hub, headset, brake and shifter adjustments/checking all fasteners/oil and lube  where applicable. Installation of replacement parts may require labor charges in addition to the tune up.

Our Service “Menu” (“OTS” = On The Spot=$$$)

  • Tune-up: $50+
  • Bolt Check: $30+/$40+ OTS
  • Shift Adjust: $5+/$10+OTS
  • Brake Adjust: $5+/$10+OTS
  • Brake Bleed: $15/$20 OTS
  • Quick Bleed: $10/$15 OTS
  • Wheel True: $5+/$10+OTS

Scheduled labor: $40 per hour
On the spot labor: $60 per hour


Call us to make a drop off appointment for your bike!