Bicycle Repairs

$50 + parts. Includes cleaning/ wheel truing/ Hub, headset, brake and shifter adjustments/checking all fasteners/oil and lube  where applicable. Installation of replacement parts may require labor charges in addition to the tune up.

Need a scheduled service appointment?
To ensure that your bike receives our undivided attention we kindly ask you to bring the bike in for a preliminary look-over before scheduling an appointment for repair or service. Once one of our skilled technicians has deciphered what the service will entail, they will then make you an appointment to bring the bike back on a date we can accommodate the service.

Our Service “Menu” (“OTS” = On The Spot=$$$)

  • Tune-up: $50+
  • Bolt Check: $30+/$40+ OTS
  • Shift Adjust: $5+/$10+OTS
  • Brake Adjust: $5+/$10+OTS
  • Brake Bleed: $15/$20 OTS
  • Quick Bleed: $10/$15 OTS
  • Wheel True: $5+/$10+OTS

Scheduled labor: $40 per hour
On the spot labor: $60 per hour


Call us to make a drop off appointment for your bike!